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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder about a country?

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Clue4-Letter Answer
★ Capital city of this Word Ladder ★
River flowing through Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia
2001 movie: ''____ the Last Dance''
Central part of a church, often flanked by aisles
Star of TV show ''Numb3rs'' ____ Rawat
★ International airport of this country is in this town ★
Native group of people in north central Africa
1997 movie: ''A Match ____ in Heaven''
Spice from a nutmeg shell and its outer husk; also a club-like weapon
★ How to say ''Goodbye'' while you are in this country ★
1967 movie: ''For a Few Dollars ____''
Wet swampy ground; bog; marsh
Tiny pest or a very small amount
In music, briskly, lively
★ One of the large islands of this country: ____ Levu ★
Combining form meaning wine
French for finished, done
★ Island nation in the South Pacific ★

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