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Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder and find the common bond?

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● Shallow container for serving food ●
● Cold-blooded, aquatic animals ●
A clenched hand
Quick; rapid
A verifiable truth
● 1997 movie: ''____/Off'' ●
Price of a taxi ride
● To discharge a gun ●
Former currencies of Malta and Italy
● 2003 movie: ''Bend it ____ Beckham'' ●
A two-wheeled vehicle with
a seat and handlebars
Liquid from the liver
Clinton or Gates
● 1988 movie: ''____ Durham'' ●
Boring, uninteresting
Child's toy that looks like a human
Asking a part of a group its opinion to determine the opinion of the whole group
A long, cylindrical piece of metal
A small opening in the skin
Al or Vidal
● Have departed; left ●
● Ulna or radius, e.g. ●
A person that ruins or spoils
TV show: ''The Big ____ Theory''
● 1968 movie: ''____ 'Em High'' ●
Body part with fingers and wrist
Solid; firm
A room in a hospital for several patients
2001 movie: ''Don't Say a ____''
● Star of LOTR series: Elijah ____ ●
● Nourishment for human or animal life ●
Common Bond: (not part of the ladder)

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