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Can you name the answers to these questions about ''Mockingjay,'' the third book in The Hunger Games series?

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Who is the president of District 13?
Under the agreement Katniss makes before becoming the Mockingjay, she and Gale have permission to do what?
Under the same agreement, who is pardoned if the rebels win?
What is 'propos' short for?
Who manages to override the Capitol television programming?
Who do Katniss, Plutarch, and Gale find imprisoned in Compartment 3908?
What is their crime?
What do the rebels name the suicide pill issued to soldiers?
Which district do Katniss and the film crew visit first?
What happens to the hospital the film crew visits?
Why can't Pollux speak?
In his speech from the Capitol, Peeta warns Katniss and District 13 of the upcoming bombing with which three words?
What is the name of Buttercup's flashlight game?
Who leads the team to rescue Peeta from the Capitol?
Instead of money, how do people in the Capitol pay Finnick?
Finnick reveals that President Snows uses what to deal with potential rivals?
Which Hunger Games victor does Finnick marry?
What is the nickname for the heavily militarized mountain in District 2?
What causes Johanna to fail her test in the simulated Capitol block?
What is the official title of the rebel sharpshooter squad of which Katniss, Gale, and Finnick are a part?
Which member of Katniss' squad dies after being trapped in barbed wire and suffocated by a 'black wave'?
What is the game created to help Peeta test the accuracy of his memories?
What former stylist hides the remaining members of Katniss' squad in the Capitol?
Who becomes president of the new government after the assassination of President Coin?

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