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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder that goes on a European vacation with your Significant Other?

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*** You and Your Significant Other begin your trip in Latvia's capital _____
You wonder at the huge _____ moving equipment around the airport
Your Significant Other worries that if the luggage is lost, you will have to wear _____
You tell your Significant Other they might become the latest _____ in fashion
The exchange _____ the taxi driver gave you on your money seems strange
Your Significant Other learned all of them by _____, but you think you got cheated
*** Your next stop is _____, the capital of Italy
You and your Significant Other have wanted to ____ here for a long time
This old city, with all its monuments, seems to reach a _____ inside of you
Your Significant Other may think you are a _____, but you want to know all about Italy
Your Significant Other was _____ in the next country you visit
*** Your plane lands in ____, the capital of Switzerland
You and your Significant Other take a tour of the city with _____, your tour guide.
He tells you his twin brother _____ can take you on a tour of the countryside
You and your Significant Other see beautiful mountains, sheep, and a huge _____
_____ it! You forgot about the tournament you signed up for at the hotel
Your Significant Other is not happy that your ____ game is more important than going to eat
Later, you take your Significant Other to a great restaurant with a very weird name: Chicken in the _____
After all the food, you and your Significant Other will have to _____ when you get home
You're in the hotel room watching a movie, and everyone on the plane _____
You decide maybe that's not the best one to watch and choose ''True _____'' instead
Later, you and your Significant Other watch ''The Sum of All Fears'' with _____ Schreiber
*** _____, the capital of Ukraine, is your last stop before your flight home

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