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QUIZ: Can you name the 4-letter words in this excerpt from Sporcle's first romance novel?

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The air is full of desire and unspokenwords
Taryn knows Jonathan will soon be there, and she waits for him, half reclining on the ____.
Everything is ready: her gown is new; she has just washed her hair, so it is shiny and ____.
Making sure everything is clean, she has even cleared away the last of the fireplace ____.
Taryn knows she will be alone with Jonathan for the first time very ____.
She thinks so much about it....she's afraid she's going crazy or turning into a ____.
But still, there's no denying the fire in her ____.
The fire makes her want to proclaim, ''With Jonathan I have ____!''
Sometimes she thinks he is like a fierce animal that would like to take her to his ____.
But then she sees how gentle he is when he runs his fingers through her silky ____.
Taryn rises and goes to meet Jonathan when she hears his ____.
Her heart is hammering in her chest when she sees him entering the ____.
She thinks he is so handsome: strong, muscular, and ____.
He looks like he stepped right out of a fairy ____.
His face, his manner, his body... he is definitely all ____.
Jonathan tells Taryn his horse bolted, and he had to walk a ____.
But he smiles and says, ''Tonight, let's walk down by the old ____.''
The air is full of desire and unspokenwords
''The moonlight makes your skin as creamy as ____.''
He asks, ''Why are you shy, my little ____?''
.... And then says, ''I've waited long enough; now you are ____.''
Taryn laughs coyly and says, ''But I made dinner, so first we must ____.''
He smiles gently, touches her hair, and says, ''Okay, but when we are ____ ....''
After dinner, Taryn starts to clear the table, but Jonathan says, ''Oh, no you ____!''
He tilts her chin, gazes into her eyes, and says, 'If you want me to go, I ____ continue.''
Her bosom heaving, Taryn gasps, ''Shall I tell you what I ____?''
His lips are more insistent, making her breathe fast, and then to ____.
''Stop!'' Taryn cries, ''People can see us; we must move away from the window ____.''
Later, as they lay close together, she softly says, ''When you are not with me, I wait for you and I ____....''
''Don't say such things,'' Jonathan replies. ''We will always be together, and everything will be ___''
''What time will you be here tomorrow?'' asks Taryn. Jonathan answers, ''Look for me at ____.''
As he is leaving, Jonathan says, ''Taryn, when we are together, I will give you many reasons to ____.''
She says. ''For the rest of my life, I will give you all my ____.''

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