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Site in Belgium that was Napoleon's defeat, June 18, 1815
Mushy tv show set during the Depression with John-Boy, Jim-Bob, and 5 other siblings
German composer, known for ''Ride of the Valkyries''
First U.S. President; nickname is Father of the Country
Series of battles (1455-1485) between house of York and house of Lancaster
Complement to ''Call of the Wild,'' story of wolf-dog that's domesticated
Irish playwright; one of his masterpieces is ''The Importance of Being Earnest''
American realist artist (1917 - 2009) known for ''Christina's World'' and ''Helga's Pictures''
Emily Bronte's classic novel with Catherine and Heathcliff
Capital of Poland; it was almost completely destroyed in WWII
Capital of New Zealand
Only U.S. state to join the Union after seceding from a Confederate state
The first Best Picture Oscar (1929) was given to this picture about the Air Corps in WWI
Another name for Pentecost
He won his only Oscar for his role in ''True Grit'' (1969)
To compile his dictionary, he learned 26 languages
She won a Best Actress Oscar for portraying June Carter Cash in ''Walk the Line''
Variety of baseball designed for indoor play
Small white dog; it's the mascot for a brand of scotch whiskey
Olympic sport with 2 events: freestyle and greco-roman
Although many believe it so, this song is not Australia's national anthem
Pottery firm since 1759; its most common pattern is white on blue
Place in Jerusalem believed to be part of Solomon's temple; site of Jewish pilgrimage
Australian marsupial slightly smaller than the kangaroo
Loudspeaker that produces bass frequencies
Railed, rooftop lookout on a house designed to observe ships at sea
A. A. Milne originally wrote these stories for his son Christopher
Founded Solidarity in Poland and was president from 1990 to 1995
British pop duo formed in 1981 by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley
North Carolina city; home to RJ Reynolds tobacco, which named 2 brands after the city

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