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Angel Falls is in this country
This creature first starred in ''Nosferatu'' in 1922
Maidens of Old Norse Mythology who decide the fate of warriors
Eighth President of the United States (1837 - 1841)
He only sold one painting during his life, for the equivalent of 5 dollars
Sci-fi film starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington (1995)
Tiny country whose capital has the same name
His operas include ''La traviata'' (1853) and ''Aida'' (1871)
French novelist who wrote ''Around the World in 80 Days'' and ''Mysterious Island''
Tenders of the hearth in Roman mythology, they were buried alive for punishment
14th state admitted to the U.S. (1791)
Capital of Malta
This universty is 2nd largest employer in Tennessee, after FedEx
Silent film star of the 20s, he starred in ''The Sheik'' and ''The Son of the ''Sheik''
Port Vila is its capital
Mr. Spock of ''Star Trek'' is 1/2 this species
Author of ''Cat's Cradle'' and ''Breakfast of Champions''
East Germanic tribe which sacked Rome in 455 a.d.
Bitter blood feud between two families, motivated by revenge
Roman goddess of love and beauty
Alfred Hitchcock thriller with James Stewart, who suffers from the title's ailment (1958)
September 2, 1945 is known by this nickname
60s Sci-fi underwater TV show starring Richard Basehart
Relating to a fox
Monarch who began England's reign on death of William IV
70s disco group known for its stereotypical costumes and ''Y.M.C.A.''
The Libero player in this sport wears a contrasting jersey and can only do certain skills
TV series with Kristen Bell as the title character
NFL team that has been to the Super Bowl 4 times but never won
Relating to blood vessels

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