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Norse god of thunder
27th President of the United States; also a Supreme Court justice
Charles Dickens' novel of the ultimate gift between friends in Paris and London
Sport consisting of swimming, biking, and running debuted at the 2000 Olympics
National hero of Switzerland; he was ordered to shoot an arrow at his son for refusing to salute the governor
Gregory Peck won Best Actor Oscar for portraying Atticus Finch in this film
Outer garment worn by citizens of Ancient Rome appearing in public
Comedy tv show about 3 roommates: Jack, Janet, and a variety of airheads ('77 - '84)
Author of ''The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy
Tropical American bird with bright feathers and very large beak
Capital of Libya; it's also mentioned in 1st line of the Marines Corps Hymn
Alexander Dumas' adventure novel with D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis
16th state admitted to the Union (1796)
Hitler gave Germany this numerical name during his dictatorship, claiming it would last 1000 years
East African nation; Dodoma is its capital
Largest carnivorous marsupial in the world; lives only on an Australian island
Edgar Rice Burroughs' series about a baby raised by apes in the African jungle
This NFL team from Tennessee was previously the Oilers
Disaster movie that won Best Picture Oscar in 1997 with L. DiCaprio and K. Winslet
Large bone of lower leg; commonly called shinbone
He won Best Actor Oscar in 1937 for ''Captain Courageous'' and in 1938 for ''Boys Town''
Large fresh water lake between California and Nevada
Music group that started in the '60s; Otis Williams is still with them
In the body, tissue that attaches muscle to bone
Korean form of karate; literally means to strike with foot
Plant stalks or foliage such as reeds used as roofing
Sentimental TV show about 3 angels coming to earth to help people ('96-'03)
Charm, magical figure or word believed to give power or protection
Taipei is the capital of this Asian country
What God revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai

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