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Best known for one deed: riding a horse on April 18-19, 1775
Bucharest is its capital
American artist best known for his ''Saturday Evening Post'' covers
Russell Crowe portrays this legendary outlaw in a 2010 movie
When the next baby of this large mammal is born, the older is chased off by the mother
Shakespeare's play of young lovers and doomed love
6th book of the New Testament
40th President of the United States
Stephen Crane's U.S. Civil War novel about fear
Jamie Foxx won Best Actor Oscar for title role of this 2004 movie
Winner of Super Bowl XXXV in 2001 over the Giants
Legendary founder of Rome
Bad Russian monk in Tsar Nicholas II's house
Novel by Daniel DeFoe about a shipwrecked sailor and his man Friday
Finding this was the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics
Dog breed known for its bravery and hair growing in reverse direction on its spine
In Old Testament, tells her mother-in-law, ''...whither thou goest, I will go...''
60s TV show about driving cattle; Clint Eastwood got his start here
Rock group that's had hits called ''Californication'' and ''Under the Bridge''
Author of ''Atlas Shrugged''
1988 Best Picture Oscar with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise
Kigali is its capital
This team made it to the 2010 World Series, but lost to the Giants
Founder of Standard Oil Company
Tale of a man's 20-year sleep in the Catskill Mountains
Capital of Virginia
Author of the Harry Potter books
First American woman to travel to outer space
He won Best Actor Oscar for playing the title role in ''Charly'' (1968)
Period of anarchy and bloodshed during the French Revolution

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