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Its capital is Warsaw
Town of Hamelin refused to pay him for getting rid of the rats, so he lured the children away
Small, stocky dog breed which has been in many movies, including ''Men in Black''
Patron saint of Ireland
Word or phrase that's the same backward and forward, such as racecar
Greek temple began about 450BC and dedicated to Athena
He's known as The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow UP
Heidi Klum has hosted this reality TV show which searches for the best fashion designer
This burrowing, colony-living rodent that lives in North America's plains and high plateaus is actually a squirrel (2 words)
Port Moresby is the capital of this Oceanic country
Steven Pastis' comic strip with crocodiles, a, rat, a pig, and outrageous puns on Sundays
NFL team with the worst 2010 record: 2-14, but got the first draft pick for 2011
In Greek mythology, he stole fire from heaven
Track & field event that's been in the Olympics since 1896
Book of the Old Testament containing poems that are meant to be sung
14th President of the United States
In 1970, George C.Scott declined his Oscar for Best Actor for his title role performance; the movie also won Best Picture Oscar
Host of ''The Tonight Show'' before Johnny Carson
Key band of the Grunge era, its debut album is ''Ten''
Game of manual dexterity, also known as jackstraws and spillikins
Liquid part of blood
Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan 2000 movie about rescuing her husband from South American kidnappers
Gland organ that aids in digestion
City that is South Africa's executive and administrative capital
James Buchanan is the only U.S. President from this state
His painting ''Guernica'' (1937) shows the agony of war
She won her first Oscar for her role as a ballerina in ''The Black Swan' (2010)
Capital of Kosovo
In anthropology, any member of any human group whose adult males grow to less than 59 inches
Island group whose inhabitants are descendants of the ''HMS Bounty'' mutiny

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