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5th President of the United States
Male' is its capital
Long Track and Field event in the Olympics
Robin Hood's sweetheart
Tony Shahloub plays the ''defective detective'' on this TV show
Last day before before Lent; ''Fat Tuesday'' in English
This extraordinarily gifted composer only lived 36 years (1756-1791)
Three wise men who brought gifts to Baby Jesus
Capital of Philippines
2004 Best Picture Oscar; with Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood
In Greek mythology, she is so ugly that looking at her will turn a person to stone
He wrote ''Paradise Lost''
She won Best Actress Oscar for title role of ''The Queen'' (2006)
Birthplace of Muhammed and holiest city of Islam
He formulated heredity laws through his experiments with peas
French painter of water lilies; one of the founders of Impressionism
Capital of Oman
Shakespeare's comedy about borrowing money and ''a pound of flesh''
King Arthur's magician
This state was admitted to the Union in 1820
Leon Czolgosz assassinated him on September 6, 1901
Small, long-haired, white dog; thrives on attention
'68-'73 detective show with Pete, Julie, and Linc
2008 Republican presidential candidate
Two-word term for the spring NCAA basketball tournament
This baseball team's 1st year record was 40-120 (1962)
One living area for this large mammal is shallow, coastal waters
Reservoir of Hoover Dam; one of world's largest man-made lakes
British intelligence service; formerly Secret Intelligence Service
Her only novel is ''Gone with the Wind''

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