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U.S. Revolutionary War naval officer credited with: ''I have not yet begun to fight.''
Seventh President of the U. S. (1829-1837)
1975 Spielberg blockbuster with ''Bruce''
His sons founded the 12 tribes of Israel
Robert Ford shot him and got the reward in 1882
Charlotte Bronte's best-known work (1847)
First permanent English settlement in the New World
The prow of the Argo fell and killed him when he was an old man
First Chief Justice of the United States
Family name in ''The Grapes of Wrath''
The French gave her the title, ''Maid of Orleans''
Old Testament book that deals wth undeserved suffering
National personification of England
17th President of the U.S. (1865 - 1869)
Maximilian Schell won Best Actor Oscar for playing a defense attorney in this post-WWII Germany movie (1961)
Question Answer
Capital of South Sudan
This NFL team started as 'The Titans of New York'
Competitors can run before the throw in this Olympic event
In Roman mythology, the wife of Jupiter
Spielberg's highest grossing film to date
After his presidency, he helped create the University of Virginia
Rudyard Kipling's collection of animal tales like 'How the Camel Got His Hump'
In ancient times, this country was Edom and later Moab
Heavy Metal Band with hits: ''Painkiller'' and ''Electric Eye''
Swiss psychologist who developed 'introvert' and 'extrovert' types
He won Best Actor Oscar for portraying ''Ray'' 2004 (full name)
Capital of Israel
TV show about Navy's legal headquarters
The mandible is also known as this
Author of ''Ulysses'' and ''Finnegan's Wake''

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