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Chocolate brand with same name as a famous naked lady
Russell Crowe won Best Actor Oscar for title role of this 2000 movie
Common name for Special Forces branch of the U.S. Army
This group has hits called 'Iris' and 'Slide' in the '90s
American TV soap opera, on the air since 1963
Dog breed built for speed
This country's capital is Tbilisi
This human anatomy book was first published in 1858
Purest and noblest of King Arthur's knights
Bitter fluid secreted by the liver
British actor whose movies have almost all been romantic comedies
His 'Of Thee I Sing' is the first musical to win a Pulitzer
Battle which is considered the turning point of U.S. Civil War
Univ. with one-game football scoring record: 222-0 (Cumberland University was losing team)
Margaret Mitchell's only novel
His presidency lasted only 200 days
1982 Best Picture Oscar, Ben Kingsley plays the title role
This sport's athletes compete for the Ryder Cup
1800s politician best known for ''Go west, young man''
This African country is 85% rainforest
This style of wrestling forbids holds below the waist
Inventor of the first successful machine gun (1861)
Patron saint of England, boy scouts, and farmers
NFC team which has won the Super Bowl 3 times
Juliette Low founded this in 1912
Surprisingly, these animals have only 7 neck vertebrae, the same as humans
Site of first Allied offensive against Japan in WWII
James Arness' brother and star of ''Mission Impossible''
In the 2011 movie, Hal Jordan is his alter ego
London playhouse built in 1599

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