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Sacred bird of the ancient Egyptians (i)
In Greek mythology, he flies too close to the sun and melts his wings (i)
In the Roman calendar, the 15th of March (i)
1999 Russell Crowe movie about exposing the cigarette industry (i)
Capital of Pakistan (i)
1967 Best Picture Oscar with Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger (i)
Red-coated large, affectionate dog (i)
Homer's epic poem about the Trojan War (i)
American League team also called 'The Tribe' (i)
1934 Best Picture Oscar with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert (i)
1960s tv show about an astronaut who finds a bottle with a girl inside (i)
Capital of Norway (o)
In Greek mythology, he unknowingly kills his father to marry his mother (o)
John Steinbeck's novel with migrant workers George and Lennie (o)
He wrote ''1984'' (o)
'70s tv show about roommates Oscar & Felix (o)
Maiden name of heroine of ''Gone with the Wind'' (o)
American artist mostly known for large flowers; she died at age 98 (o)
The first modern ones were held in Athens in 1896 (o)
33rd U.S. state admitted into the Union (o)
Ernest Hemingway's novel about a fisherman (1952) (o)
What 'jumbo shrimp' and 'all alone' are examples of (o)
This major league team was previously the St Louis Browns (o)
1968 Best Picture Oscar is based on a Charles Dickens' novel (o)
Personification of the U.S. government (u)
Its captal is Tashkent (u)
45th U.S. state admitted into the Union (u)
Author of ''Exodus'' and ''Trinity'' (u)
Long bone in the human forearm (u)
Its capital is Kampala (u)

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