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According to the Bible, he committed
the world's first murder
British statesmen who coined
'Iron Curtain' in 1946
He won Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal
of title role in ''Gladiator'' (2000)
39th President of the United States
King Arthur's castle; in some
accounts his whole realm
''In Cold Blood'' author
Winter Olympic sport with stones and brooms
Latin for 'seize the day'
Dog breed known for its black tongue
31st state admitted to the Union (1850)
He ran for U.S. President in 1824, '32, and '44; later said, ''I would rather be right than be President'
Jacques Cousteau's research ship
Yaounde is its capital
Jack London's novel about Buck, the dog
Philanthropist who made his money in U.S. Steel
NFL team with 20 consecutive winning
seasons (1966 - 1985)
Santiago is its capital
Polish composer; almost all his
works are for the piano
1943 Best Picture Oscar with Humphrey
Bogart and Ingrid Bergman
In mythology, ferryman of the Styx
Term for knights' code of behavior
in the Middle Ages
Comedy TV show set in a Boston bar;
ran from 1982 - 1993
Patron saint of travelers
Capital of Australia
Ancient Egyptians worshipped this animal
British alternative rock group; ''Viva la Vida''
is a huge hit for them
Children's game of trying to get opponent's guidon; adults also play in leagues
'American sculptor known for his mobiles
Inventor of modern air conditioning (1902)
Empress of Russia (1762 - 1796)

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