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First baseball player to break Babe Ruth's
714 homerun record
21st President of the U.S. (1881 - 1885)
Magicians' phrase, its origins might be from Hebrew words: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar as the boat captain in this 1951 adventure film
22nd state admitted to the Union (1819)
God commanded he sacrifice his son Isaac
Surprisingly, this tall beautiful dog with long silky hair was once used for sight hunting
In Greek mythology, he is invulnerable
except for one spot on his foot
Nickname for thyroid cartilage of the larynx; from a legend about the forbidden fruit
1984 Best Picture Oscar; it's Mozart's life
Stories with animals having human
vices and virtues to teach lessons
Character in the Arabian Nights' series who opens a treasure cave with ''Open Sesame''
Country which has good relations with all
but its neighbors: Turkey and Azerbaijan
Tiny Texan fort which Santa Anna's
troops overran on March 6, 1836
Book of the New Testament that
is a history of new Christian church
Tiny country between France and Spain
American Revolutionary soldier who commanded the Green Mountain Boys
Mythical warrior women who cut off their
right breasts to draw their bows better
In 1st round of this Olympic Event,
a competitor gets 72 'tries'
Considered the best reality show, it's about pairs chasing others around the world
She fought for American women's right
to vote but died before it happened
Nickname of American folk hero John Chapman
Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington star
in this movie about drug smuggling
Site of the last battle between forces
of good and evil before Judgment Day
Best known for his bird drawings,
he also drew many other animals
Art that's ahead of its time in innovation
Husband of Queen Victoria, he
died 40 years before she did
Rearranging letters in a word to make
another word; example: ant - tan
One of the Beatles' most successful
albums; it has ''Here Comes the Sun''
Only venomous snake found in Britain

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