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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder that contains a proverb?

Updated Feb 9, 2012

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Common proverb: ____ the [rung 10] away, the [rung 15] [rung 18] [rung 27]1
Immediately or soon after2
Slender; lean3
Part of face below the mouth4
Dime or penny5
Insulated, electrical cable7
1968 movie: ''Five ____ Stud''8
Common proverb: [rung 1] the ____ away, the [rung 15] [rung 18] [rung 27]10
Sajak and Boone11
Crown or top of the head12
Rate of movement, especially in a race13
Club-like weapon of war14
Common proverb: [rung 1] the [rung 10] away, the ____ [rung 18] [rung 27]15
5,280 feet16
Trick to fool, trap, or entice17
Common proverb: [rung 1] the [rung 10] away, the [rung 15] ____ [rung 27]18
Medicine in tablet form19
Asking a part of a group its opinion to determine the opinion of the whole group20
Small body of standing water21
Interjection for a sudden disappearance22
College instructor (short form)23
Dance at the end of the school year24
Baby carriage25
Talk to God26
Common proverb: [rung 1] the [rung 10] away, the [rung 15] [rung 18] ____27

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