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Can you name the very unusual mammals whose names have been scrambled*?

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*Because these names might be unfamiliar, every answer begins with the first letter of the scrambled letters. (There is one exception that should be obvious.) Example: If a question were WLEHA, then the answer would begin with W.
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ScrambledUnscrambledMore Information about the Mammal
IAA type of sloth, they sleep about 70 percent of the time.
BNOGOBoth sexes of these antelope-like animals have horns.
NKEDA MELO RTAThey live in colonies of 1 female with several male breeders.
EHANDICThey have no teeth.
TRAPITheir lifespan of 25 to 30 years is spent mostly alone.
YKOAPBoth sexes of this marsupial have pouches.
SRTA NDSEO MELOTheir tentacles prevent dirt from going up their nostrils when digging.
SENDREL LSOIRTheir favorite foods are toxic & bad-smelling insects.
OPAIKThey will eat only mature leaves when available.
PILONGANWith scaly hides and up to 16-inch tongues, they look like large lizards.
MFONLOUOne of its endangered species has been successfully cloned.
JOBEARWith long hind legs and short forelegs, they resemble tiny kangaroos.
CBRAYAPAThe world's largest rodent is sheep-size.

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