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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this word ladder about Labor Day with your Significant Other?

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clue about Labor Day weekendanswer
It's Labor Day weekend; you and
your Significant Other have three
days off from your ____
Your boss is so annoying: all day long he seems to make mental _____ at you
It _____ your nerves when he does that
You know there are worse problems,
like the economy and _____, but... wish your boss could _____ up to you
You're not trying to _____ your way into
a better job or anything like that
Enough about _____. You and your Significant Other are so glad you have time together....
..... you decide to un____ that
bottle of wine you've been saving
''Let's _____-out on Monday,'' you say...
....but your Significant Other wants
to latch _____ a rug for the den
You promise to check under the _____ of both cars if you can grill steaks instead
You know your Significant Other
will ____ you to that promise!
clue about Labor Day weekendanswer
Your Significant Other wants to _____ napkins like the waiter did at the
restaurant in Chile
You have so many _____ memories of your last trip; you start planning another...
....but right now you must _____ the mayonnaise for the potato salad
You sigh deeply, knowing everything is just _____....
...Uh, oh. The _____ has gone out on the grill
In 2011, Labor Day was on Monday, September ____
You hope you _____ many more years because....
.....You _____ your Significant Other so much
The day has been wonderful, but you are about to _____ the last of the sunlight
You and your Significant Other go
inside to watch ''The ____ of Innocence''
When you go to work tomorrow, you will tell your ____ you want 2 weeks off so you and your Significant Other can go on another trip

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