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Can you name the answers to these questions about ''Catching Fire', the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy?

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When Katniss is hunting alone at the beginning of the book, where is Gale?
What does Katniss pretend is her talent?
Who visits Katniss before the Victory Tour, warning her how to behave and threatening Gale's life?
What is the fate of the District 11 man who whistles Rue's mockingjay tune?
What is the crime for which Gale is whipped?
What are the names of the citizens of District 8 that Katniss meets at the shack in the woods?
What are they trying to find?
What is the special name for the 75th Hunger Games?
What is the fate of Darius, the former Peacekeeper?
Who does Katniss hang in effigy during her private session with the Gamemakers?
How do the tributes show their unity at the end of the interviews?
Who walks into the poison fog so Finnick can be free to carry Peeta?
Who does Finnick save through mouth to mouth resuscitation?
Where do Katniss and her allies find water during the Games?
Who is beaten severely in front of Katniss before she enters the arena?
What two-word phrase does Wiress constantly repeat upon meeting up with Katniss and her allies?
Whose voice does Katniss first hear the jabberjays mimic?
Whose voice does Finnick recognize being mimicked by the jabberjays?
What single item does Beetee take from the cornucopia?
What does Johanna remove by stabbing Katniss in the arm?
Which other two tributes are rescued from the arena with Katniss?

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