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Can you name the foods mentioned in the Hunger Games books by the clues provided?

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What does Peeta intentionally burn so he has an excuse to give it to Katniss?
What kind of bird does Katniss share with Rue?
What is Katniss' favorite stew?
What does Katniss shoot during her individual session with the Gamemakers?
What food does Katniss use to disguise sleeping syrup so she can drug Peeta?
What does Greasy Sae serve in the Hob?
What does Katniss buy after she jumps over the electric fence?
What wild game is in Gale's possession when he is caught by a Peacekeeper?
What does Finnick offer Katniss upon their first meeting?
What does Katniss call the first animal she kills for food in the 75th Hunger Games?
What is the flavor of the first gift of bread during the 75th Hunger Games?
What does District 3 send to Katniss and her allies?
What comes with the rolls sent in the last parachute of the 75th Hunger Games?
Along with cans of food, what does Katniss' team discover in the apartment in the Capitol where they take shelter?
What does the team give Tigris as a gesture of appreciation?
What food does Katniss give Buttercup at the end of the books, making peace between the two?

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