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Can you name the European country that is scrambled in each Harry Potter character's name?

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Forced Order
Harry Potter characters are on vacation! To figure out where they went, find the country that is in the character's name. This is just the characters who go to European countries. Here is an example: Elphias Doge = Laos.
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Harry Potter CharacterEuropean Country# of Letters in the Answer
Pansy Parkinson5
Ron Weasley6
Armando Dippet7
Sirius Black6
Albus Dumbledore7
Kendra Dumbledore7
Fenrir Greyback6
Bellatrix Lestrange6
Alastor Moody5
Moaning Myrtle7
Nearly Headless Nick7
Parvati Patil6
Salazar Slytherin5

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