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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this music word ladder?

Quiz Updated Jan 9, 2016

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Hint4-Letter WordRung
Song: I _____ [rung 7] n' [rung 12]1
Narrow country road3
Long and lean4
Deficiency or absence5
_____, stock, and barrel6
Song: I [rung 1] _____ n' [rung 12]7
Australian musician _____ Springfield8
Ingredient in paella9
Annoy or irritate 10
Performer's character or part11
Song: I [rung 1] [rung 7] n' _____12
Hint4-Letter WordRung
Bridge or road charge13
Express with words14
Cut or knock down15
Matted wool fabric16
Star Wars character: Boba _____17
Singer of this song: [rung 24] + _____18
Playful remark; joke19
Surpassing all others20
Steady musical rhythm21
Lima or kidney, e.g.22
Stapleton or Smart23
Singer of this song: _____ + [rung 18]24

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