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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder about Clint Eastwood movies?

Quiz Updated Jul 11, 2012

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★ ''____ Torino'' (2008) ★
Basic unit of mass in the metric system
Baby carriage
Praise, thank, or petition God
★ ''____ Misty for Me'' (1971) ★
Kill violently
Push a door hard
Place where fabric is joined
Movie star: ____ Connery
''Quantum Leap'' actor: ____ Stockwell
★ ''The ____ Pool'' (1988) ★
★ ''City ____'' (1984) ★
Strike violently and repeatedly
Small ship
Barnyard animal known for ability to eat anything
Prod; incite
★ ''The ____, the Bad, and the Ugly'' (1966) ★
The trunk and stem of a tree
2001 movie: ''Don't Say a ____''
★ ''Blood ____'' (2002) ★
TV show: ''____ and Mindy''
★ ''For a Few Dollars ____'' (1965) ★
Female horse
★ ''Where Eagles ____'' (1968) ★
Roy Rogers' wife: ____ Evans
★ ''____ Rider'' (1985) ★
Single sheet of glass
Any coniferous, evergreen tree
★ ''In the ____ of Fire'' (1993) ★
TV show: ''The Weakest ____''
★ ''____ Cadillac'' (1989) ★
Fasteners often used in sewing
Baking dishes
★ ''Ambush at Cimarron ____'' (1958) ★

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