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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this spoiled dog's word ladder?

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about my dogmore info
My dog is really ____, so I like to spoil him
If something is really worth its weight in ____, how nice if it could apply to him
Because of his thick coat, my dog loves ____ weather
Nat King ____'s song: ''Doggone Unlucky Blues'' is a great song
My dog once had to wear the ____ of Shame like the dog in ''UP''
He didn't know about the shame part, but he was glad when that time was ____!
My dog is only 1/2 the size of a Great ____, but many people call him a large dog
The neighbor's cat is the ____ of my dog's existence
Every time he sees the cat, I have to bribe him into the house with a dog ____
Alright, tell the truth: since all I can talk about is my dog, am I a ____?
about my dogmore info
I haven't even told you how warm he feels against my ____ legs when we sit on the couch
Since he's never bitten anyone, his ____ is definitely worse than his bite!
My dog's favorite game is to lie on his ____ and have his belly scratched
It's hard to imagine that his ancestors would have run in a large ____
On the weekends, we sometimes go to the city ____ and play Frisbee
Is it spoiling him to give him a ____ hot dog in his dinner everyday?
At least I don't feed him from the table or right off my ____!
Even President ____ spoiled his golden retriever, 'Liberty'
Well, I admit that I am overly ____ of my dog.

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