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'Herodotus of Halicarnassus here displays his inquiry so that human achievements may not become forgotten in time'
'I keep to the plan of this book, which is to record the traditions of the various nations just as I heard them related to me'
'My business is to record what people say, but I am by no means bound to believe it'
'The rest of the Hellenes, too, make incorrect assumptions ... about contemporary history... most people, in fact, will not take trouble in finding out the truth'
'I do not think that one will be far wrong in accepting the conclusions I have reached from the evidence which I have put forward. It is better evidence than the poets, who exagger
'As to the oracle, Croesus had no right to find fault with it: the god had declared that if he attacked the persians he would bring down a great empire.'
'Working class girls in Lydia prostitute themselves without exception to collect money for their dowries'
'Aristagoras shaved the head of his most trusted slave, pricked the message on his scalp, and waited for hair to grow again'
‘As we are to be in action at dawn … you Athenians had better take position opposite the Persians, while we deal with the Boeotians and the other Greeks now opposite you.'
'Beneath this stone lies Aeschylus, son of Euphorion, the Athenian…of his noble prowess the grove of Marathon can speak'
'Inflamed with rage, we ran straight out with warlike spear and shield; Our hearts set on battle, and we faced them in the field. All day we went on fighting'
'The Battle of Marathon, even as an event in British history, is more important than the Battle of Hastings'
'The Athenians, as defenders of the Hellenes, in Marathon destroyed the might of the golden-dressed Medes'
'Then, eleven years later, in the archonship of Phaenippus they won the battle of Marathon; and two years after this victory, when the people had now gained self-confidence'
'This is what the LORD says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him'
'And when others were of opinion that the battle of Marathon would be an end to the war, Themistocles thought that it was but the beginning of far greater conflicts'
'Themistocles was a man who showed an unmistakeable natural genius; in this respect he was quite exceptional, and beyond all others deserves our admiration…this man was supreme a
'Themistocles, however, persuaded them to give up this idea and, instead of distributing the money, to spend it on the construction of 200 warships for use in the war with Aegina.'
'That great fight where the brave sons of Athens planted the shining cornerstone of their freedom'
'The battles which now followed against the Persian fleet in the straights of Euboea did not decide the final issue of the war, but the experience gained in them was of inestimable
'The military story of the 480/79 invasion can no more be told in detail than can the story of the battle of Marathon. The Persian numbers reported in ancient sources vary, but non
'Then in the very next year, in the archonship of Telesinus, they for the first time since the tyranny elected, tribe by tribe, the nine Archons by lot out of the five hundred cand
Number of Ships at Lade
'Plutarch reports that the Corinthians put up a memorial to their valour in this battle on Salamis, that is on Athenian territory'
'The Athenians … showed their profound distress at the capture of Miletus in a number of ways, and in particular, when Phrynichus produced his play, The Capture of Miletus, the a
Date: Death of Miltiades
'At first the tide of the Persian fleet kept them at bay, but when the whole multitude was compressed in the narrows, none could help another. They were rammed by the bronze-mouthe
Number of ships in the persian invasion fleet
Date: Persians attack Greece
'Thus Athens went from strength to strength, and proved, if proof were needed, how noble a thing equality before the law is... while they wee oppressed under tyrants, they had no b
'The Greeks, with broken oars and shattered timbers, struck and carved us up like tuna or some other fish in a net'
'So the royal command went round; and all Asia was in uproar for three years, with the best men being enrolled in the army for the invasion of Greece.'
Date: The Battle of Marathon
Number of greek ships at Salamis
'How you have deceived Persian minds! My son has found in Athens a bitter vengeance. Those of us who died at Marathon were not enough. My son, who thought that he would gain recomp
'Apparently it is easier to impose upon a crowd than upon an individual.'
Date: Find Laurium silver
Greek Troops at Plataea
Date: Sack of Sardis

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