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Using the hints given, guess the correct enchantments for each minecraft item.

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Armor (Less damage when hit)I,II,III,IV
Armor (Resistance to fire)I,II,III,IV
Armor (Resistance to explosions)I,II,III,IV
Armor (Resistance to arrows)I,II,III,IV
Armor (Less damage when falling) I,II,III,IV
Armor (Mobs are harmed when hitting you) I,II,III
Armor (Mine faster underwater) I
Armor (Breathe longer underwater) I,II,III
Armor (Walk/run faster underwater) I,II,III
Sword (More damage when attacking)I,II,III,IV,V
Sword (Sets enemies on fire) I,II
Sword (Hits enemies back further) I,II
Sword (Better chance of good loot when killing mobs) I,II,III
Sword (More damage to mobs) I,II,III,IV,V
Sword (More damage to spiders) I,II,III,IV,V
Bow (More damage dealt) I,II,III,IV,V
Bow (Knocks enemies further back) I,II,III
Bow (Shoots arrow on fire) I
Bow (Permanent arrows) I
Pickaxe, Axe, or Shovel (Faster Mining) I,II,III,IV,V
Pickaxe (Better loot from ores) I, II, III
Pickaxe, Axe, or Shovel (Same block when mined) I
Anything (Better durability)

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