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Can you identify the following test cricketers given their debut performances?

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Forced Order
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62 (also 0/49)WIN, vs ENG at Georgetown
0/75 & 8/64 (also 10)RSA, vs IND at Calcutta
15 (also 0/10 & 0/15)IND, vs PAK at Karachi
110IND, vs ENG at Calcutta
214NZL, vs WIN at Wellington
0 & 0PAK, vs WIN at Faisalbad
26 & 114 (also 0/63)BAN, vs SRL at Colombo
33 & 0 (also 3/25)WIN, vs ZIM at Port of Spain
96AUS, vs SRL at Perth
131 (also 2/45 & 1/5)IND, vs ENG at Lord's
151* & 17 (also 0/4)AUS, vs IND at Bangalore
222*RSA, vs BAN at Chittagong
57 & 62, 1/21 and 4/53ENG, vs AUS at Manchester
5/84 & 0/40 (also 10)AUS, vs ENG at Adelaide
1/150 (also 20 & 1*)AUS, vs IND at Sydney
8/61 & 8/75 (also 1)IND, vs WIN at Madras
0 & 0SRL, vs IND at Chandigarh
112 & 83ENG, vs NZL at Lord's
8/215 & 4/143 (also 5 & 4)AUS, vs IND at Nagpur
163 & 25* (also 1/34)PAK, vs NZL at Lahore

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