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1991John Peel
1991Terrance Dicks
1991Nigel Robinson
1991Paul Cornell
1992Marc Platt
1992Andrew Cartmel
1992Andrew Hunt
1992Mark Gatiss
1992Paul Cornell
1992Ben Aaronovitch
1993Gareth Roberts
1993Neil Penswick
1993Peter Darvill-Evans
1993Jim Mortimore & Andy Lane
1993David A McIntee
1993Christopher Bulis
1993Nigel Robinson
1993David Banks
1993Jim Mortimore
1993Daniel Blythe
1993Kate Orman
1994Steve Lyons
1994Paul Cornell
1994Gareth Roberts
1994Gary Russell
1994Justin Richards
1994Andy Lane
1994Terrance Dicks
1994Simon Messingham
1994David A McIntee
1994Mark Gatiss
1994Daniel O'Mahony
1994Jim Mortimore
1995Andrew Cartmel
1995Kate Orman
1995Daniel Blythe
1995David A McIntee
1995Paul Cornell
1995Andy Lane
1995Dave Stone
1995Gareth Roberts
1995Paul Leonard
1995Steve Lyons
1995Ben Aaronovitch
1995Terrance Dicks
1996Lance Parkin
1996Andrew Cartmel
1996Kate Orman
1996Dave Stone
1996Paul Cornell
1996Craig Hinton
1996Lawrence Miles
1996Kate Orman
1996Simon Bucher-Jones
1996Russell T Davies
1996Ben Aaronovitch & Kate Orman
1997Matthew Jones
1996Jim Mortimore
1997Kate Orman
1997Marc Platt
1997Lance Parkin

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