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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this Chance the Rapper themed ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Chance's second mixtape, ____ Rap
Dry climate
If one was to disappear for awhile, they would be going off of it
Small unit of mass, or somebody's parent's mother
____ Sings Special is the fourth song on Chance's third mixtape
Pulling something; can be used to describe boring people and queens
To boast
Women might throw these articles of clothing onstage at Chance's concerts
Prejudice, or Maryland legend Len
Short comedy sketches
'Favorite Song' and 'Juice' are some of Chance's ____
Chance often wears these with 'SOX' or '3' printed on the front
Hell ____ no fury
Ice planet from Star Wars
Palindromic legendary fire-flying type Pokémon
Clue4-Letter Word
Friend of Christopher Robin and Piglet
Does not describe Scrooge McDuck
A rude person
Name of 19th century war fought between English and Dutch South Africans
Goose Island Brewery made one of these for Chance
Grizzly, polar, or legendary Alabama coach Bryant
What Chance raps over
The defense may have ____, but it didn't break
Action when someone leaves
To desire something
When the moon is getting less visible
Word for long hair, like Pat The Manager's
Samuel L. Jackson's character from Star Wars, or pepper spray
Lab animals, Stuart Little is one of them
Walgreens' brand of goods, or a city in France
Donnie Trumpet's first name
Clue4-Letter Word
According to 'Mixtape,' Chance's 'b*tch do the salsa like ____ de gallo'
To choose, or basketball maneuver that goes with 'roll'
Ross is one, so are Astley and Pitino
According to 'Juke Jam,' Chance used to roll here
A connection, or the hero from Legend of Zelda
Where one would hang their clothes to dry
A small road
A person from Denmark
Aykroyd, Patrick, Bilzerian, and Marino are all these
'Ten d*mn ____' is how long it took Chance to create his first mixtape
The Chesapeake and Hudson are examples of
According to 'Summer Friends,' Chance and his friends were 'bike-stealing Chatham ____'
Noises made by angry people
Chance's third mixtape, Coloring ____

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