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Can you name the Coldplay songs based on their lyrics as sung by Google Translate?

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, Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. (Parachutes)
You, because you have a starry sky, because the sky. (Ghost Stories)
I talk about the world. (Viva la Vida)
You made me feel alive. (A Head Full of Dreams)
I do not want to cause problems. (Parachutes)
You feel high, I got drunk. (A Head Full of Dreams)
When he was a child, the world is waiting. (Mylo Xyloto)
In my home, my place, the line does not change. (A Rush of Blood to the Head)
It should be noted, for the eyes. (Mylo Xyloto)
You can put a picture of what you see. (X&Y)
It is a magic, it was true. (Ghost Stories)
Lighting can be saved. (A Rush of Blood to the Head)
Birds fly at the speed of sound. (X&Y)
It's not fear (Parachutes)
Come on, get more and more consultation. (A Head Full of Dreams)
A light, away from light. (Ghost Stories)
I put the music data, means. (Mylo Xyloto)
Oh! Start Devuelveme. (A Rush of Blood to the Head)
I'll try to fix it. (X&Y)
If you love me, you let me know? (Viva la Vida)
The fact that I had lost, I do not mean to be lost. (Viva la Vida)

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