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Can you name the Uncharted 3 Boosters and Medal Kickbacks?

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See the opponent that killed you up to 15 meters until they die
Every two deaths allow you to see all opponents for 8 seconds
Recover from wounds 70% faster
Move faster with heavy objects by 10%
Reduce pain wobble while scoped in
Move faster while aiming
Spawn with limited ammo when killed with a Power Weapon
Opponents will not see your player arrow and you are difficult to hear
Add on additional MOD slot to all pistols
Carry an extra grenade
Decrease sprint recovery time by 20%
Share what is found in chests
Fill your Medal Kickback when your buddy gets a stealth kill
Receive cash when your buddy does
Shared medals
Respawn time reduced by 2 seconds
Climb Faster
Increase the chance of getting goods from chest by 10%
Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 1
Earn more money for objective medals
Increase the chance of getting treasures from chest by 10% and see cursed treasures
Receive ammo for getting kills in a row
Taunt over an opponents body to receive ammo
Explosives do not knock you down and teammates only receive 1/2 damage from your grenades
Medal Kickback limit increased by 3
See the location of Power Weapons within 10 meters
Increase Medal Kickback times by 10%
Drop live grenade upon death
Get a grenade for each of your buddies’ explosive kills
Receive ammo for each kill your buddy gains
See the location of the opponent that killed your buddy until they die

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