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HintSurvivor Term
Symbolizes your life
Title of the Winner of Survivor
Person who is taken to the end because they will receive no votes
Item that can be found around at a tribe's camp
Place a contestant would be sent if voted out starting in season 22
Place where you are voted out
This happens to your torch when you are voted out
When people from tribes are swapped for other playes
When two tribes become one tribe
Occurs after the game where the host asks questions to the contestants
HintSurvivor Term
Challenge where contestants compete for luxeries
Teams of 16-20 people who compete in challenges
Challenge where contestants compete to stay alive in the game
Cloth material given to every contestant
Place where contestants sleep
When someone is voted off and does not expect it
People voted off who decide the winner
An agreement between players to work and vote together for their benefit
When someone you trusted turns on you

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