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My girl says, when I kiss its lips/receives an excitation by its fingertips, German
Says the ' I know, you I know the me'/ A thing I can say it that you are you have obtained of free being now Italian
Lala how the life ignites.Spanish
You thought that the money was emitted sky?Portuguese
Taxi of the newspaper appears on the coast, waiting to remove you.Dutch
Aids to a tip of what you are yourselves entire around foolish Girl.Italian
Stands in the pig iron support, Madame Madonna tries to make the terminal to meetChinese
It was only, I I took I take a walk, I didn' t knows what would findSpanish
that it's a foolishly that it chilly by making little its world colder plays DA DA DA ...Dutch
Tone me your snow a peak reached mount manner below southRussian
Honey that is in the moon down by the SeineSpanish
The drift which slides far in the space swimming pool of sorrow and the opposite side of the green onion of joyKorean
Aid, I have need of someone, Aid, not hardly someone, Italian
The all alone persons Where all do emanate from?Greek
Understood it, when they said that a man seins back break must, acquire you his day of the spare time?German

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