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Can you name the girls mentioned in Too Short's 'Freaky Tales'?

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Loved the way he rocked on the microphone
All she wanted was to freak with a man
Broke his bed
The girl acts scary
Get her in bed and she's a beast
An X-rated movie wouldn't tell her story
Previous girl's twin sister
He freaked her well
Pulled her to the side and spit that game
Has a man
She was 32 and he was only 18
Smelled like death
Built little freak from China
Did it on the floor
Like Burger King, you can have it your way
Thick as hell
Always talking about having fun
Macked on her like an ice cold vet
Thought he might eat her
She kept looking, he kept staring
Such a sinner
Walked in the door working lace
'The Blender'
Lives in Santa Rita
Holiday Inn 'til the break of dawn
Loved his beat
Rode like a brand new Honda
Macked on her like Frank Nitti
A penthouse pet ready to pose
Booty was bigger than the whole planet
Everything he did to her was funny
Her hair was curly
Her bite was vicious and it sure was fatal
Had big lips and they came in handy
A favor from his friend in return

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