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I'm alive again
In my whole entire life I can
to spaz with the pen
sh*ts fixin to get thick again
dick from this sh*t
I aint never giving in again
look at these rappers how i treat them
they call me a freak cause i like to
man get these whack **** off stage
snatch the mic from em, bi*ch
yeah that rap was tight but im
so you might wanna go back
scribble out them rhymes you were gonna spit
but im afraid that it aint gonna make
and tear it in half tonight
to feel the bass thump in the place
hint lyricfollowing lyrics
set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd
the game i self started a roc fellow
you can still get roasted
till im topplin from the top im not gonna stop
that means im on top of my game
when you so good that you cant even say it
people just get sick cause you spit
and you can never break my stride
at any moment
youll never take my pride
is getting no mercy
aint letting up relentless
i dont give a fu*k
where was you when i fell
you get

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