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Forced Order
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Telemarketer, Lipophedrine 'Lipaphadrazone' Diet Pill CompanyMedium
Head of the Committee to Determine the Validity of the Two Party Planning Committees Medium
Beet Farm OwnerEasy
New manager of the Scranton branchEasy
Has DiabetesEasy
Husband is Bob VanceEasy
Founding Member of the Finer Things Club Medium
Founder of WUPHF.comHard
Regional Director in Charge of SalesMedium
Michael's date to the casino night and his real estate agentMedium
Owner of Vance RefrigerationEasy
Member of a band named ScrantonicityHard
Founding Member of the Finer Things Club and most rational and intellectual worker in the officeEasy
Senior Accountant at Dunder Mifflin ScrantonMedium
Her parents were brought together through an arranged marriage and she has three living sisters as well as another one who had diedHard
Former hippieHard
Her Hair Caught on FireMedium
The director of emerging regions coordination for SabreMedium
Married to Michael ScottEasy
Has a long-standing crush on Pam HalpertHard
The chief financial officer (CFO)Easy
Michael refers to him as 'Mittah Rogers'Hard
He was engaged to the office receptionist Pam BeeslyMedium
The receptionist hired to replace PamEasy
Founder of 'Diversity Tomorrow'Hard
Sales Representative of The Michael Scott Paper Company Medium
Co-Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton for Part of One SeasonEasy
Honorary Volunteer Corporal in charge of all Activity Security for Scranton Business Park Hard
Loves CatsEasy
She has a drinking problemMedium
Arrested for committing fraudMedium
Customer Service RepresentativeHard
Has a phenomenally poor memory. He doesn't remember his job title, later stating that he should have written it down. He unapologetically forgets the names of his own co-workers.Hard
Knights of the Night Secretary Hard
Claims to be English, Irish, German, Scottish and 2/15 Native AmericanMedium
The CEO of SabreEasy

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