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Lisbon. I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens I will be there for you. I will. I need you to know that
We put bad guys where they can't hurt people. That's good enough
Sir, you might as well suspend me now because there will be further infractions. Jane needs our help and he's going to get it. I'm not going to lay off because some fat cat's putti
See, I don't think partners should have secrets. But your call
Mr. Jane, I have a question regarding your previous career path. When you met with other psychics, real psychics, could they tell you were just pretending?
If we catch Red John, he's not walking anywhere. He's mine
If you don't point that shotgun away from me, I swear I will use it to beat you like a rented mule
Dear Mister Jane, I don't like to be slandered in the media, especially by a dirty money-grubbing fraud. If you were a real psychic, instead of a dishonest little worm, you wouldn'
Somebody framed you for shooting at us, Mr. Machado? Because from where I stood, sure looked like you
Okay. But this is a favour. If you die in this department, I am responsible. I do all the paperwork. (To Teresa) In fact, if he does die for whatever reason, move him to a public a
Being sorry is far worse punishment than being dead, everybody dies... very few people ever feel truly sorry for the bad things they've done
Five hundred years ago, radio would have seemed like magic. Five hundred years in the future, it could be totally normal to communicate with the other side
That's great. Let me go make you a superhero costume. What do you want to be called?
I think we have a connection that needs to be honored. I want to say good- bye, I want to apologize for any pain I might have caused you, and I want to release you from this curse
You would ruin our lives, our careers, over Jane? Does he mean that much to you?
Yeah, crazy don't make him innocent. Crazy is what makes people kill other people
I'm disappointed. I'm very disappointed and I'm embarrassed. How could you do this to me? I told the mayor of San Francisco that I was putting my best people on this
I say we bring him in anyway. For creepiness
Well, frankly, if I can't use this job to seek some kind of personal revenge, then uh, there's no a whole lot for me here. I think that - I don't make things better
You know what I am Jane. I'm a single mother with two innocent children at home. There's nothing in the world I would do to compromise their safety or their future. Please Jane
Look at me, I'm just a regular guy
Let me communicate this to you. You’re a party entertainer. A clown. Fresh leads? I wouldn’t tell you where the bathroom is, if your ass was on fire. Do we have good understand
Wherever you go, you dilusional freak, I will find you and I will kill you and then, then I will forget about you
You're really commited to testing my temper, huh? What's up with that?
Your wife was very clean. She smelled like coal tar soap and lavendar. Your daughter smelled like sweat and strawberries and cream

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