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Forced Order
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Works as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation
A Special Agent with the CBI and a member of Lisbon's team; serving as its newest member, often doing research for other members
A Special Agent with the CBI and a member of Lisbon's team, serving as an arson specialist. He developed strong feelings for Van Pelt
He is often the one who sees through Patrick's parlor tricks. Has a dry, deadpan sense of humor and is shown to be friends with Rigsby
She is the only member of the team Patrick trusts with details of his past and they work well together, though his attitude often causes problems for her with local law enforcement
She respects and sees Jane as invaluable to the CBI and its future, and seems to understand Patrick's focus on finding Red John
A mass-murdering sociopathic serial killer and Patrick Jane's nemesis
An acclaimed psychic who has occasionally worked with the CBI
The head of CBI's Internal Affairs. Appointed to replace Hightower after she became a fugitive
A Special Agent in Charge with the FBI who first meets (through a car crash) the CBI team while jointly investigating Visualize
The leader of the 'Visualize Self-Realization Center' church
He was Lisbon's mentor when she was a junior agent, and despite being married, he shared strong romantic feelings for her until he died
Retired following the murders of Sam Bosco and his team by Red John accomplice Rebecca

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