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Forced Order
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It's not about the mission, Master. It's something... elsewhere. Elusive.Episode 1
These Federation types are cowards. The negotiations will be short.Episode 1
Viceroy, I don't want this stunted slime in my sight again. This turn of events is unfortunate. We must accelerate our plans. Begin landing your troops.Episode 1
That is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this wayEpisode 1
Are you an angel?Episode 1
You're a funny little boy. How do you know so much?Episode 1
Here it is...a T-14 hyperdrive generator!! Thee in luck, I'm the only one hereabouts who has one...but thee might as well buy a new ship. It would be cheaper, I think...Episode 1
You're a Jedi Knight, aren't you?Episode 1
Tatooine is sparsely populated. If the homing trace is correct, I will find them quickly, MasterEpisode 1
You have been well trained, my young apprentice. They will be no match for youEpisode 1
Now, be brave and don't look back. Don't look backEpisode 1
Your thoughts dwell on your motherEpisode 1
Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in youEpisode 1
Obi-Wan, promise... Promise me you will train the boy. He... is the Chosen One. He... will bring balance... Train him.Episode 1
Confer on you the level of Jedi Knight, the Council does. But agree on you taking this boy as your Padawan learner, I do not!Episode 1
Qui-Gon's defiance, I sense in you. Need that, you do not. Agree, the council does. Your apprentice, Skywalker will be.Episode 1
There's no doubt that the mysterious warrior was a Sith. But which was destroyed? The master or the apprentice?Episode 1
I will not let this Republic that has stood for a thousand years be split in two! My negotiations will not failEpisode 2
You must realize that there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Republic. We're keepers of the peace, not soldiersEpisode 2
Why do I get the feeling you're going to be the death of me?Episode 2
Don't say that, master. You're the closest thing I have to a fatherEpisode 2
You don't need guidance, Anakin. In time, you will learn to trust your feelings. Then, you will be invincible. I have said it many times, you are the most gifted Jedi I have ever mEpisode 2
I think it is time to inform the Senate that our ability to use the Force has diminishedEpisode 2
Only the Dark Lords of the Sith know of our weakness. If informed, the Senate is, multiply, our adversaries willEpisode 2
I will be the most powerful Jedi ever. I promise you. I will even learn to stop people from dying! It's all Obi-Wan's fault! He's jealous! He's holding me back!Episode 2
I have tracked the bounty hunter Jango Fett to the droid foundries in Geonosis. The Trade Federation is to take delivery of an army here, and it is clear that Viceroy Gunray is behEpisode 2
Qui-Gon Jinn would never join youEpisode 2
Don't be so sure, my young Jedi. You forget that he was once my apprentice, just as you were once his. He knew all about the corruptions of the Senate, but he would never have goneEpisode 2
What if I told you that the Republic is now under the control of the Dark Lords of the Sith?Episode 2
I can't take Dooku alone! I need you! If we catch him, we can end this war right now! We have a job to do!Episode 2
I can't leave her!Episode 2
It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with a lightsaberEpisode 2
I think we should keep a closer eye on the SenateEpisode 2
Victory? Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has!Episode 2
Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our specialityEpisode 3
My powers have doubled since the last time we met, CountEpisode 3
Good. Twice the pride, double the fallEpisode 3
Something wonderful has happened. Ani... I'm pregnantEpisode 3
The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnaturalEpisode 3
You're fulfilling your destiny, Anakin. Become my apprentice. Learn to use the Dark Side of the ForceEpisode 3
Just help me save Padmé's life. I can't live without herEpisode 3
The Chancellor has been elaborating on a plot by the Jedi to overthrow the SenateEpisode 3
I've recalibrated the code, warning all surviving Jedi to stay awayEpisode 3
Destroy the Sith, we mustEpisode 3
But Anakin...he is like my brother! I cannot do it!Episode 3
Don't you see? We don't have to run away anymore. I have brought peace to the Republic. I am more powerful than the Chancellor. I can overthrow him. And together you and I can ruleEpisode 3
I hear a new apprentice you have, Emperor... or should I call you Darth Sidious?Episode 3
I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend. At last, the Jedi are no moreEpisode 3
Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the ForceEpisode 3
You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them...Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!Episode 3
Lord Vader, can you hear me?Episode 3
Hidden, safe, the children must be keptEpisode 3
My wife and I will take the girl. We've always talked about adopting a baby girl. She will be loved with usEpisode 3
An old friend has learned the path to immortality. One who has returned from the netherworld of the Force... Your old masterEpisode 3
Qui-Gon!Episode 3
How to commune with him, I will teach youEpisode 3

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