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In what episode did Juliet first appear
In 'You Cant Handle this Episode', what does Shawn say Gus's name is
What object was stolen in 'Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece'
What is the name of the art thief in 'Extradition: British Columbia' 1 and 2
In 'Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!' who did Shawn say gets mistaken for Henry
What is the name of the judge Shawn and Gus try to protect in 'American Duos'
What song do Shawn and Gus sing in American Duos
What is the name of Gus and Shawn's odd helper in the Yin/Yang cases
What sea creature does Lassiter believe killed a man in season four
In the flashback at the beginning of Death is in the Air what condition does Shawn give to Henry
Who do Shawn and Gus try to protect in Think Tank after putting his life at risk
What was the name of Juliet's old boyfriend in A Very Juliet Episode
What is the first name of the latest coroner who first appears in season 4
What are the names of the two fighting sections of the Triads in Romeo and Juliet and Juliet
What country does Abigail go to volunteer in leaving Shawn behind in You Can't Handle This Episode

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