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What is Shawn's dad's name
Who is the chief of santa barbara police
Who is Shawn's girlfriend in season 3 and 4
What is Gus's mom's name
Who doubts Shawn's psychic powers
Who becomes Shawn's girlfriend in Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part'
What band performs the theme song
Who does Shawn give a cat to in season one
In season two, shawn gets an acting job on what showfour words, two in spanish (- gigantesca de -)
In season three, what is the name of the serial killer shawn encounters
Which serial killer dies in season five
What relationship does he have to Yang
What is shawn's mom's name
Who sees Shawn kissing Juliet at the end of season five
What is Shawn's uncle's name
Who is Chief Vick's sisterfirst and last name
In the episode '65 million years off', who does Shawn think is the murderer
Which relative of Gus, visits them in 'meat is murder, but murder is also murder'
who does chief vick hire shawn and gus to find in 'rob a bye baby'
What is the name of the secret lodge
What is the name of Shawn and Gus's modeling team
what creature 'shawn and gus of the dead'
What is Gus's sister's name
What crime was Lassiter accused of committing in 'Lassie did a bad, bad thing'
What was the camp called that shawn and gus revisited in season three
What is the name of the baseball condition shawn gets in season four
What is the name of juliet's brother
What kind of creature does a man named stewart grumbley believe he is
What virus spreads through the air in season four
Shawn and Gus are recruited into what to help prevent the murder of business tycoon Ashton Bonaventure

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