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1994Tom Hanks
2001-2003Elijah Wood
1971Gene Wilder
1972Al Pacino
1974Cleavon Little
1994Jim Carrey
2005Hugo Weaving
1946James Stewart
2000Christian Bale
1994Tim Robbins
1980Mark Hamill
1991Anthony Hopkins
2003Will Ferrell
1994John Travolta
1999Trey Parker
1982Sean Penn
2008Clint Eastwood
1998Edward Norton
2003Johnny Depp
2009Zooey Deschanel
1966Clint Eastwood
1989Chevy Chase
1987Cary Elwes
2001Mike Myers
1982Drew Barrymore
2003Will Ferrell
2000Russell Crowe
1939Judy Garland
1978Rovbert De Niro
1977Mark Hamill
1993Sam Neill
1964Peter Sellers
1993Liam Neeson
2008Heath Ledger
1999Brad Pitt
1960Anthony Perkins
1998Tom Hanks
1975Robert Shaw
1990Ray Liotta
1971Malcolm McDowell
1976Walter Mathau
2000Katie Holmes
1992Clint Eastwood
1996Adam Sandler
1995Tim Allen (voice)
2008Ben Burtt (voice)
1975Al Pacino
2002Leonardo Dicaprio
2002Alexandre Rodrigues
1992Tim Roth
2001Ben Stiller
2005Vince Vaughn
1981Harrison Ford
2009Edward Asner (voice)
1994James Earl Jones (voice)
2009Sharito Copley
2003Daveigh Chase (voice)
2000Jim Carrey
1976Sylvester Stallone
1999Ron Livingston
1996Woody Harrelson
1990McCaulay Culkin
1959Charlton Heston
1995Jim Carrey
1999Kevin Spacey
2000Brad Pitt
2009Sam Worthington
1942Humphrey Boggart
1996Frances McDormand
1996Ewan McGregor
1994Natalie Portman
2002Jim Caviezel
1962Gregory Peck
1994Jeff Anderson
1992Robin Williams (voice)
1999Bruce Willis
2009Brad Pitt
2004Will Ferrell
1975Graham Chapman
2007Josh Brolin
1980Rodney Dangerfield
2006Jeff Anderson
1995Brad Pitt
2007Russell Crowe
1974Gene Wilder
2009George Clooney
2006Sacha Baron Cohen
1983Eddie Murphy
1987Arnold Schwarzenegger
2004Craig T Nelson (voice)
1984Harry Shearer
1997Harland Williams
2003Albert Brooks (voice)
2005Christian Bale
1992Emilio Estevez
1975Jack Nicholson
1998Jeff Bridges
1983Mark Hamill
2004Adrian Brody
2002Tobey Maguire

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