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Can you name the Marvel Characters whose Powers or Codenames Refer to a Volatile?

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Real NameCharacterAffiliation
Jason StrongbowNative American Superhero
Barnell BohuskMutant, New Warrior
Henry Hawk and Achille DiBaccoFrom the Ani-Men
James DoreSquadron Supreme
Christopher PowellNew Warriors
Cal'syee NeramaniFormer Shi'Ar Rulers
Sam WilsonAvengers
John HortonHalf Eagle-Half Lion, Villain
Clint BartonAvengers
... the DuckFrom Duckworld
Simon MaddicksVillain powered by Roxxon Oil, Air Force
Barbara MorseAvengers and SHIELD
Kyle RichmondSquadron Sinnister, Defenders
Real NameCharacterAffiliation
Leland OwsleyDaredevil's Enemy
Alain RacineFrench Hero, Contest of Champions
Brenda DragoSpider-Girl's Enemy (Future)
Name Unknown | his daughter DaniaLiberty Legion | Avengers Arena
Flacon's FalconPet Avengers
NaryaAlpha Flight, God Squad
Melissa GoldThunderbolts
Aleta and Stakar OgordGuardians of the Galaxy (Future)
Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, SophieFive Mutant Sisters
John and James ProudstarX-Men
Adrian ToomesSinister Six
Carol Danvers | Ava'Dara NaganandiniAvengers | Jean Grey School

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