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Can you name the Marvel Characters whose Powers or Codenames Refer to a Reptil/Amphibian?

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Real NameCharacterAffiliation
... artificially mutated in a frog-like creatureSavage Land Mutates
Blanche SitznskiSerpent Squad and Femizons
Victor BorkowskiYoung X-Men
Tanya SealySerpent Squad and Femizons
Dmitri SmerdyakovSpider-Man's Villain
... from the Saurid alien raceStarjammers
Klaus ant Piet VoorheesSerpent Squad
Roland Burroughs and Theodore ScottSerpent Squad
... fought in K'un-Lun tournamentImmortal Weapons
Eugene PatilioInitiative, son of Vincent Patilio
Cornell StokesLuke Cage's Enemy
Willis Stryker and Rachel LeightonVillains
... animal studied by Curt ConnorsSpider-Man's Enemy
Real NameCharacterAffiliation
Vincent PatilioDaredevil's Enemy
Curt ConnorsSpider-Man's Villain
Zelda DuBoisCircus of Crime
Gordon Fraley Serpent Squad
Humberto LopezAvengers Academy
Cul BorsonOdin's Brother
Miranda LeevaldBriefly an X-Men with snake-like skin
DavosIron Fist's Enemy
Simon WaltersonPet Avengers resembling a frog-Thor
Mortimer ToynbeeBrotherhood of Evil Mutants
... from the Inhuman Royal FamilyAquatic Inhuman Superhero
Ophelia Sarkissian Hydra

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