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Can you name the Marvel Characters whose Powers or Codenames Refer to an Insect/Arachnid?

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Real NameCharacterAffiliation
... from Arthros, Insectoid Alien RaceRuler of the Negative Zone
Hank Pym, Scott Lang, ‎Eric O'Grady Avengers
Anya CorazónTeenage Mexican Superheroine
Carlos LaMuertoSouth American Crimelord, Martial Artist
Natasha RomanoffAvengers
Abner Jenkins, Leila DavisSpider-Man's Enemy, Thunderbolts
... fought in K'un-Lun tournamentImmortal Weapons
... from the Brood (Alien Race)Jean Grey School
... from Kaliklak (Microverse)Guardians of the Galaxy
Eddie McDonough (briefly Peter Parker)Slingers
Cassandra Webb, Julia CarpenterSpider-Man's Ally
... alias Celestial MadonnaGuardians of the Galaxy, Avengers
Noh-VarrKree with Insect DNA from the Avengers
Real NameCharacterAffiliation
... Skaar NativeWarbound
... from the Brood (Alien Race)Warbound
Ben Reilly, KaineSpider-Man's Clones, New Warriors
McDonald GarganSpider-Man's Enemy
... from the Chr'yllite Alien RaceStarjammers
Peter Parker, Miles MoralesSuperhero
Jessica Drew, Julia CarpenterAvengers
Fritz von MeyerVillain, body made by bees
Anton Miguel Rodriguez, Luis AlvarezSpider-Man's Villain
Carl KingSpider-Man's Enemy, ate a Radioactive Spider
Janet van DyneAvengers founding member
Rita DeMara, Hank PymAvengers, Masters of evil

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