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Can you name the Characters appearing in Marvel Comics and in Ancient Myths/Religious Stories?

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Marvel ComicsCharacterAncient Myth
X-Men founding memberBiblic and Zoroastrianism: intermediaries between Heaven and Earth provided with wings
Dark AvengersGreek: God of war
Erik Josten, ThunderboltsGreek: Titan sustaining the sky
Evil mutant, Nightcrawler's fatherBiblic: Fallen angel, associated to the scapegoat rite
X-Men recruit in the 'Second Genesis'Irish: Female spirit heralding the death
Basil Elks, VillainGreek: Legendary reptil
Leader of the MorlocksGreek: Nymph transformed into a bear
Spider-Man's enemy, lover of KravenGreek: Nymph who detained Odysseus
Mutant metamorph, briefly an X-ManCeltic: Fairy child left in place of a stolen human child
X-Men founding memberGreek: One-eyed creature
... alias Starfox from the EternalsGreek: God of love, son of Aphrodite
English super group (not a single character)Welsh: Legendary sword of King Arthur
Isaac Christians, defender (the Grey one is an Avenger's villain)French: Humanoid-demonic creatures represented in gothic architecture
... alias the Forgotten One, from the EternalsSumerian: protagonist of Mesopotamian epic poems
Alter ego adopted by Clint Barton, Bill Foster, Erik JostenBiblic: Giant defeated by David
Inhuman (also Tomi Shishido's alias)Greek: Three monster sisters
John Horton Egyptian: Half lion half eagle
Avengers' enemy, brother of Wonder ManPagan: Personification of the Death, with scythe and black robe
Avengers, Champions of L.A.Greek: Son of Zeus and Alcmene
Criminal organization, enemy of SHIELD (not a single charcter)Greek: Many-headed serpent
Squadron Sinister and AvengersGreek: Titan god, son of Ouranos and Gaia
Jason Macendale (others followed), Spider-Man's enemyIrish: Jack who tricked the Devil
Female robot of the AvengersGreek: Mother and lover of Oedipus
David Haller, son of Professor XChristian: Multitude of demons infesting a single man, and then a herd of pigs
First villain of the AvengersNorse: J├Âtunn god, shapeshifter, trickster god
Inhuman queenGreek: Monster woman with snakes instead of hairs
Enemy of Ghost Rider, hell-lordGerman: demon, devil
Mordecai ... (others followed), Iron Man's enemyGreek: King who can turn what he touches into gold
... alias the spineless one, X-Men villainHoodoo: Flannel bag containing magical items (
Enemy of the AvengersWelsh: Enchantress, enemy of King Arthur
Megan Gwynn from the X-MenCeltic: Benign, mischievous, short of stature and childlike creature
Jean Grey, X-MenGreek: bird that cyclically is reborn from his ashes
Walter Langkowski from Alpha FlightAmerican: ape-like creature (also named Bigfoot)
Anath-Na Mut, enemy of Nova and FFEgyptian: monster, half human half lion
Avengers founding memberNorse: Son of Odin, god of sky and thunders
InhumanGreek: God, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite
Beings such as Pip or UlikNorse: Beings livingg in rocks and mountains
Milos Masaryk (others followed), Iron Man's enemyGreek, Indian, Chinese and Biblical: Horse with a horn
Brunnhilde from the DefendersNorse: Brings dead warriors in the Valhalla
Monster enemy of Hulk, Wolverine and Alpha FlightNative American: evil spirit that possess humans
... by Night: Legion of MonstersGerman: human who can shapeshift in a wolf
Simon Garth: Legion of MonstersHaiti: Dead persons revived by necromancy

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