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Can you name the Marvel Characters Whose Powers or Codenames Refer to a Feline?

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Real NameCharacterAffiliation
… alias the Panther GoddessAlso referred as Cat Goddess, God Squad
Henry McCoyX-Men, now turned into a Feline
Duc No TranhVietnamese Villain and Initiative
Felicia HardySpider-Man's Enemy and Lover
T'Challa and ShuriKings of Wakanda
Shen KueiMartial Artist, Enemy of Shang Chi
Townshend HorganVillain from the Ani-Men
Sharon SmithHellions, can turn herself into a Cat
Maria CallasantosX-Corporation
John HortonHalf Eagle-Half Lion, Villain
Patricia WalkerDefenders, Avengers
ZeeStarjammers, Alien Feline Race
Real NameCharacterAffiliation
Kelsey LeighAvengers and Captain Britain Corps
Thomas FireheartSpider-Man's enemy
Victor CreedWolverine's Villain
Katherine PrydeX-Men, not really a Cat!
Maria de Guadalupe SantiagoBriefly an Avenger
… alias the Leopard LordBlind Hero, Defenders for a Day
Lucia CallasantosX-Corporation
Greer GrantAvengers, also in the West Coast
Jessán HoanCrimelord and Rebel in Madripoor
Ava and Hector AyalaCrime-Fighters, Spider-Man's Allies
… Evolved TigerHeroes for Hire, New Men
… Ka Zar's companionPet Avengers

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