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Who was the drummer on their eponymous debut album?
Which Buddy Holly song did they cover in 1973?
What was the B-side to this cover, an original composition by the band?
Which WMMS radio DJ picked up Working Man in Cleveland, Ohio, which helped the band garner popularity?
What was the first album to feature Neil Peart as drummer?
What was the name of the tour following the disappointing reception of Caress of Steel?
Which writer inspired the song 2112?
The lyrics on which song from A Farewell to Kings were written entirely by Geddy Lee?
What is the name of their first fully instrumental song?
Who played the electric violin on Losing It from the album Signals?
What was the last album to be certified gold in the US?
Which of their songs reached the highest position of the Billboard Hot 100?
Along with Rush, name any of the other bands to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013
The name of which song on Vapor Trails is also the title of one of Neil Peart's travel memoirs?
Name either album which reached number 2 on the Billboard 200

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