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1.Frank Herbert
2.Orson Scott Card
3.Isaac Asimov
4.Douglas Adams
5.George Orwell
6.Robert A Heinlein
7.Ray Bradbury
8.William Gibson
9.Arthur C Clarke
10.Philip K Dick
11.Robert A Heinlein
12.Isaac Asimov
13.Larry Niven
14.Arthur C Clarke
15.Dan Simmons
16.Aldous Huxley
17.H G Wells
18.Arthur C Clarke
19.Joe Haldeman
20.Robert A Heinlein
21.H G Wells
22.Ray Bradbury
23.Kurt Vonnegut
24.Ursula K Le Guin
25.Neal Stephenson
26.Niven and Pournelle
27.Orson Scott Card
28.Orson Scott Card
29.Michael Crichton
30.Alfred Bester
31.Isaac Asimov
32.Philip K Dick
33.Roger Zelazny
34.Frederik Pohl
35.Stanislaw Lem
36.Jules Verne
37.Kurt Vonnegut
38.Michael Crichton
39.Philip K Dick
40.Madeleine L'Engel
41.Carl Sagan
42.Vernor Vinge
43.Isaac Asimov
44.John Wyndham
45.Walter M Miller
46.Kim Stanley Robinson
47.Anthony Burgess
48.Ursula K Le Guin
49.Robert A Heinlein
50.Isaac Asimov
51.Mary Shelley
52.Daniel Keyes
53.Jules Verne
54.Peter F Hamilton
55.Neal Stephenson
56.Philip Jose Farmer
57.L Ron Hubbard
58.David Brin
59.Philip K Dick
60.Kurt Vonnegut
61.Greg Bear
62.Iain M Banks
63.Margaret Atwood
64.Niven and Pournelle
65.Arthur C Clarke
66.Michael Crichton
67.Alfred Bester
68.John Scalzi
69.Robert A Heinlein
70.Harry Harrison
71.Alastair Reynolds
72.Iain M Banks
73.Gene Wolfe
74.Connie Willis
75.Edgar Rice Burroughs
76.Robert A Heinlein
77.Cormac McCarthy
78.Dan Simmons
79.Richard Morgan
80.C S Lewis
81.Philip K Dick
82.Robert A Heinlein
83.Edwin A Abbott
84.Clifford Simack
85.John Wyndham
86.Arkady and BorisStrugatsky
87.Ursula K Le Guin
88.John Brunner
89.Richard Matheson
90.Suzanne Collins
91.Clifford Simack
92.Stanislaw Lem
93.David Brin
94.Neal Stephenson
95.Philip K Dick
96.Theodore Sturgeon
97.Julian May
98.Orson Scott Card
99.Robert Louis Stevenson
100.Greg Bear

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